[Samson, your awful focusing skills ended up creating one of my favorite pictures]

One year; three-hundred and sixty-five days. It's fascinating how something can sound so long, but pass so quickly. It's amazing how much our lives can change in the course of one year. I started off the year with a sad heart. I met someone who, little to my knowledge or desire (at the time), would become my best friend. I was blessed to witness one of the most beautiful stories of change, and revive my testimony in true conversion. I turned 20. I skipped town during finals. I set my heart upon things that I knew were unstable, yet felt compelled to lament the sad fact that their foundations crumbled. I took the LSAT. Twice. I fell in love with the temple week after week, again and again. I allowed people to enter my life, however brief it may have been, and I learned amazing lessons in the most unexpected ways. I found a passion in taking photos and forced myself outside of what seemed comfortable in hopes of expanding creative horizons. I met someone whose photography and kind words kept me inspired for a short while. I then learned how to find inspiration in the everyday things around me. I was handed trials I never thought I'd have to deal with. However, I was overly blessed with happiness beyond my deserving. I don't regret anything. And while I don't understand it all, I am thankful. 2010 has taught me, more than ever, that life's little "mess" is perfect - we just can't make sense of it, for we see but one stroke on the canvas. Ergo, my friends, we live in a beautiful painting.

Can't wait to see what 2011 brings. Happy New Years'.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Happy 2011!

Alexa Mae said...

Beautiful Natters!!
You amaze me! Truly, you do. I love you and the person you are. Thank you for being in my life.

samela babe. said...

i love this photo. love you.