Some things I learned during Christmas break:

1) If x = number of sugar cookies consumed, then optimal equation of happiness is x ≤ 5. If x exceeds 5, you'll start to notice a parabolic decrease in happiness level.
2) I love Hanukkah. Why? Because in honor of my bff, Erika, I hosted a nightly celebratory bubble bath, adding a new candle each night. I may have bypassed 8. Those folks had it all wrong..welcome to the 21st century; our oil burns for MONTHS!
3) My phone enjoys eating my text messages..
4) I enjoy eating lemon bars..
5) I am kept awake by: dogs barking, lights I am too lazy to turn off, a mysterious clicking noise in my bedroom, rain, and...hail. Yes, hail. Thrice in the last hour.
6) Old Navy pajama pants are see-through.
7) I am an epic-fail when it comes to law school applications. And personal statements. Draft number 15.. ctrl+z, please.
8) Pizzamart. Like whoa. (And proximal to the TEMPLE! Extrinsic motivation, anyone..?)
9) I have no need for an iPad. I do, however, need a new phone. Anyone want to buy my new (and unused) Apple gizmo?


Keith and Sarah said...

I love pizzamart...want to go to the temple and then go there sometime buddy!!!!

heidi lou said...

Mm my next door neighbors growing up on pizza mart. it's the best ever. k. I'm trying to make a new blog and I don't understand this new blogspot shiz and how to customize it. Help:?!

Sarah Eileen said...

You are welcome for introducing you to pizzamart. Sarah- nat lets go to pizza mart it is so yummy
Nat- where? idk sarah sounds sketch
Sarah- we are going, you will love it!
alas, good choice sarah, good choice

Alexa Mae said...

Meant to say BAHAHA but liked Banana better. I want to hear this Old navy pj's story. And yes, Pizzamart! My families favorite pastime way back when. Love it.

Braden said...

Seriously, you're selling your iPad? Tempting, tempting.

Anonymous said...

you never fail to put the ugliest pictures of me up. Someone needs to take your camera away from you.