76/365: Birds
[76/365: Birds]

It’s not that there were ever bad intentions—
it’s more that we forgot where to call home.
From important things that we don’t know to mention,
it’s the uniform that we put on—the formula we have for love.
"Birds" - Deas Vail

I'll say it: I hate the desert. I hate living in a world that is stained brown, dehydrated from all things green, lacking seasons, snow and color. However, on days like today, I find some strange and absurd love for it. When the world's pushing past you and all you want to do is go sit, drink a Jones', and let your thoughts have a 30 minute recess from engulfing your brain completely in unproductivity.

It's days like this when I can say I'm grateful for this barren wasteland.


My Side of the Story : Jennie's Blog said...

Just spent the last little while getting caught up on your blog, I have one thing to say....I miss seeing you!!! you are awesome and make me think more than most people your age, this is not an insult to young people it is just the rare person who thinks so deep AND is able to articulate it so well at your age. Ok I guess I had more than one thing to say. As usual.

Amelia Kate said...

Aww I love this, because that is exactly how I feel about it too :)
Love you girlfriend!

nicole ...given said...

WHATTTTT how can you hate the desert! you must be crunk gurlll

Alexa Mae said...

Now I want to go get a jones, go down to saguaro and...think. Gorgeous pic!!

Mo said...


I didn't know you listen to DEAS VAIL!


Connie said...

Yay I'm glad you found beauty to it! Always ALWAYS be grateful for the dry weather so your hair can actually STAY the way you put it. I won't have that luxury for very much longer.
my dilemma? I know I'm leaving AZ so knowing that makes me miss it already