[75/365: Finale. Failed 365 here]

For a second there, I thought you disappeared.

It rains a lot this time of year.
And we both go together if one falls down.
I talk out loud like you're still around.
"West Coast" - Coconut Records

As the year closes in on the final few days left of 2010, I bid goodbye to the eighteen-week semester, leaving behind the memories of countless hours of LSAT prep, old friendships, failed relationships, long nights of commuting across the desert, could-have-been's, should-have-been's, and things that didn't quite go my way. I feel like my life is climatically approaching the conclusion of a great firework display. A grandeur finale, painting the sky a vibrant slipshod of neon colors. For the most part, it's been a great show. It has had its fair share of kinks and mishaps; yet, like always, it never ceased to be anything short of exactly what it needed to be. Even when it seemed like the explosions were off-sync with the soundtrack, it interminably continued. And in the end, it all pulled together: harmoniously.

..Still trying to make sense of it all. Not that it's my place to. Nevertheless, my mind strays periodically. I'm human. And I've perfected the art of imperfection.

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Alexa Mae said...

Perfecting the art of imperfection is one of the hardest things one could do. I am still working on it! I love you! You are so smart.

Now, go...and snowboard your life away. But not before you call me back!