10/365: Untitled

I've been staring at a blank slate for 15 minutes, give or take, trying to figure out what I want to say. I type something. I erase it for the fear of sounding too vulnerable. I type something. I erase it because my humor is slightly extremely off today. For the sake of my guarded heart, we'll blame it on the lack of sleep and final-induced stress coma.

Today (technically yesterday) was a good day. I wasn't really expecting it to be. Not that I had self-imposed a negative fortune on it; I just didn't think it'd be anything phenomenal. Old acquaintances have left my life, new people have entered: it's just a strange transitional period. Last official day of classes before finals start on Thursday. However, today was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. One of those still, small reminders that life is full of things waiting to be discovered. I feel like today opened the gateway to a variety of new paths to trod down. Perhaps long-term paths. Perhaps just simple leisurely strolls. Irregardless, I am excited to see where this new journey takes me. I'm content. And content is good.

I also got a new snowboard. Congratulations, Natalie. You can't go more than 3 days without something you can't even use for another week and a half. You also depleted your bank account.

..photoshoots, anyone? Ha!


Anonymous said...

"irregardless"? Seriously?

I know it's in the dictionary, but only because stupid people started using it so much. Anyone who says it sounds like an idiot.

Snyder would kill you for it and in this case I'd agree with her.

Natalie said...

Carter or Emily?

Mo said...

..photoshoots, anyone? Ha!

Mo replies: MEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I love you!