[Today I take my final final, then I can officially say that the next fall semester I ever take in academics will be in law school. How stell-bombz is that? How intelligent does "stell-bombz" sound? Hi, I'm Natalie Wall and I'd like to one day represent you in the court of law. I'm starting my academic vacation early..give me a break.]

So this weekend I made a 9x13 pan of heaven some people like to call "scotcharoos". Needless to say, I just ate the last piece - and I think I sent myself into a depression. (Mom, it's time to make your holiday lemon squares..okay, perfect. Thanks!) I love the holiday season because I feel warranted in eating my regular/copious intake of sugar, and blaming it on the fact that it's Christmas and everyone's doing. Except this year:

Dear Mother Nature,
The fact that it's 80 degrees in December is not acceptable. I can't properly get in the Christmas spirit, which thus means I can't rightfully blame my (awful) eating habits on said holiday season. It also means Flagstaff is 60 degrees, and snow is not falling - therefore ski resorts are not opening. You best be grateful you're solely an anthropomorphic entity. Had you been embodied, I'd hunt you down and karate-chop your jugular. Lest ye be smitten.

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Kourtney said...

Right??! We better get snow up here pronto or my ambitions to pick up snowboarding this winter will only occur in my dreams! Not acceptable!