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Guys, the only way I get through finals is by bribing myself with a trip to the kitchen after each 30-minute increment of studying. FAT with an "f", not a "ph".
Three years ago, I went to the temple lights with my best friend. He tried to get me to schedule an appointment to meet with the missionaries and learn about his church. I really didn't want anything to do with it, so I said no. 7 months later, I went over to tell him I called up his missionaries. 2 months later, he baptized me.

I don't have the intentions of offending anyone by saying this, but the church is true. It is. The things I made the choice to give up upon being baptized were forfeited for something more than just a happy message and nice people - you can get that anywhere. I lost friendships over it. Some of my family was contentious with my choice. But I am an extremely stubborn person, not easily swayed by the opinions of other people. Heavenly Father knows this. That is why, when I got on my knees to pray and ask Him if the whole "Mormon church thing" was real, He gave me an answer that was personal and undeniable.

As a psychology major, I've spent the last three years of school studying how our minds work. One theory of psychology is that people can create feelings they wish to feel. Many people try to argue out religion on this basis. However, I will be completely honest: initially, I wasn't wanting an answer to my prayers. An answer that the church was true meant I'd forsake a lifestyle of no rules, no moral obligations, and enter into something that - from a far - appeared to be restrictive and limiting.

But I got my answer. Many times. Each as powerful and convincing as the last.

If you've experienced this before, you know what I mean. If you haven't, you're rolling your eyes thinking to yourself "she's nuts". However, I invite you to ask who I asked (God; hehe), in the same manner (prayer), to receive the same answer.

To those that disagree with what I believe, and wish to argue with me regarding what I have stated, I'm sorry. But I am not taking any of it back. I don't mean to sound pretentious or disrespectful. I simply know what I believe to be true, through a plethora of many sacred experiences which I shall refrain from discussing in detail via blogspace. Get yo' own ;)

Happy Monday.

If you have any questions, or I've deeply offended you, please take it up with me via email:

Let's not turn the comment section into a heated argument about sacred things, please.


Alexa said...

Oh, I just love this! The church is SO true! Just hearing the statement brightens my day! {Even at 2 AM when I should be studying for finals.}
I love your testimony. Keep being awesome.

April and Mark said...

It's true indeed. Thanks for sharing. (I'm just a random stalker by the way, but I really love your photos and your posts.) Hope you don't mind :)

Brittany said...

amen amen amen. it is so true. i keep learning that over and over.

Zoe Brimhall said...

I'm a random stalker too but we have mutual friends so hopefully that's less weird. I love your blog and photos. You are one talented stranger! Also, I love this post and it reminds me not to take the church for granted. Your testimony strengthened mine today. Thanks! :)

The Dark Family said...

I got choked up reading this and it totally made me remember the severity of my answer when I joined the church as well. I have always loved hearing bits and pieces of your testimony. You are one amazing girl! Just curious, who was your guy friend that baptized you?

Brittany~ Mrs. Arizona American Spirit said...

This must be why we have become instant bfriendsf. I know the intensity of what you have experienced baby doll. Just wait til you get to the temple; I can't wait to read your blog after that experience ;-)