Every time I inhale, I get a whiff of Windex.
Only problem is, there was no Windex used in my room in..ages.

I think my senses are conspiring against me.


Christine Jain said...

Hahahaha. Yes. Finals hallucinations ftw.

Kay said...

stress-induced synesthesia


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I think its really rad that you are proud to be mormon. Personally, I am not mormon, I am not really into going to church. I had bad experiences going to church growing up. But today my boyfriend and I were talking about mormons and how they are such a strong community. They really look out for eachother unlike many other church congregations. I mean they truly are a family. I think the reason they are so hated against does have to do with the fact that yes, it is a rather new religion compared to others. And people always question new things. But I think it intimidates and scares people to see such a tight knit community that enforces and upholds its values on a daily basis. I think thats why the call it a "cult." I grew up Catholic where people sinned all week and then Sunday said "sorry" and all was fine! And then they would preach about Jesus and it was just a hypocritical environment to grow up in so I think it did leave me jaded. But, just want to commend you for being so candid and open about your religion. It really isn't easy. People are so quick to judge.