Some day of the week..I keep getting this wrong.

{Just finished edits from this shoot. Preview here.}

You know what I'm looking forward to?
Midnight sledding.
And chocolate milk.
Both real milk, and metaphorical milk.
Metaphorical milk.
Is that funny to anyone else? Or am I the only once laughing since it's 4am?
Probably the latter.

-----Natalie's Sanity Update:-----
Paper: done.
Statistics assignment: done.

Now, just some (8) quizzes and a few (6) exams to take before I leave Thursday.
Raise your hand if you love FINALS!! *crickets* ..that's what I thought.


Alexa Dyan said...

I love when finals are over. Does that count?...
Seriously, I have one week to finish 2 online classes that I haven't even started. Finals and all. I am SO with you.

Eeny said...

Finals... what's with those? Memorizing everything you should have learned all semester in one week (or probably a night or two). They suck - big times.

Those pictures are magical. I wish I was little again and could have my fairy pictures taken =) So cute.

Alexa Mae said...

Aww Nat they are darling!!! I love them so much!!! You are purely amazing! Thank you, thank you.