As I'm climbing in bed, I realize I haven't blog-stalked my 3 regulars for today. So of course, I postpone sleep for yet another irrelevant to-do. It got me thinking about how ridiculous I sound in words:

I put off the little sleep I do get so that I can live vicariously through a few random blogs. Why do I do this? Because they keep me inspired. It's amazing how strangers can motivate me to do things people have tried coaxing me into for months. Nagging, nagging, nagging...no progression. But I read about some faceless individual's successes or find a great quote or stumble upon a beautiful photograph and suddenly I'm rolling. Rolling like..a wheel of cheese. No. I take it back; like a ball of cookie dough. Nom-nom!

Bonne nuit.


Claire Tripeny said...

I did this for TWO HOURS last night. you start with your regulars then find yourself looking at some girls blog that knows a friend of a friend of a friend and lives in NY. but I felt good about it. there are some inspiring people out there.

Kay said...

I feel exactly the same way, sometimes.