Tonight I watched the worst movie in the history of worst movies.
It's called Troll 2. Let me expound on my prior statement. It's called Troll two. TWO. Implying it's the second movie. Guess what? There is no Troll ONE. Aka no reason for a "two". While on the topic of the ridiculousness of the title..there isn't a single troll in the movie. Just vegetarian goblins. Yes, I said vegetarian. They turn their victims into plants before they eat them, since they don't eat meat. And apparently the only repellent for these goblins is a bologna sandwich. Again, because they're vegetarians.

..I'm not making this stuff up.

School starts today. Guess who still isn't 100% sure of their class schedule. Guess who also graduates in May. That. Would. Be. Me.


Eeny said...

Hope you are having a great start at school.

I hate when movies are disappointing. This one sounds like a bad one.

Heidi said...

You can't deny that it's soo entertaining though!