[Photo Cred: B.Clay]

I've said this once thrice and I'll say it again: the first day of school made me feel like the dweeb at recess who gets their glasses stolen and hung upside down by their shoelaces on the monkey bars so the 5th graders can steal their lunch money. I am graduating in May. And while I am ecstatic to be done, there is so much left to do. These last 19 credit hours are an ever-present and over-looming reminder that free time is once again going to be hard to come by. In the 3 years it has taken me to complete my bachelors degree, I've spent 2.5 of them slacking off, showing up late (if at all) to class, putting minimal effort into homework assignments, and managing to skip out with mostly A's. And alas, it's all catching up and slapping me in the face like a wet fish (gross). Earth to Natalie: If you want to be successful it's going to take work. Whether it be a little all along the way, or a lot at the end in efforts to compensate for your passive-aggressive laziness; good things require sacrifice.

WELP. Here's to hopefully surviving the last semester of undergrad! I'll toast to all you in similar situations..or simply to the start of the end of another school year.



Kate said...

Good luck! You got this. Just make sure you have access to emergency cupcakes and keep the Shirley Temples flowing.

Amelia Kate said...

Love this image.
You are so freaking cute.

Christine Jain said...

Story of ma vie.
Move up to Utah so we can slack together?

A. Verzello said...

Three years for your bach? Now I don't feel one bit sorry for your 19 credit hours! You're on the fast track, girl.