I have an obsession with lists. I love making lists. I make lists when I'm bored. I make lists when I'm stressed. I usually draw all over my lists. I'm really great at making lists.

You know what I'm not really great at? Actually GETTING THE THINGS ON MY LIST DONE. Oh fatch.



Heather said...

This is so random but what do you use on your face? Like face lotion, cleanser, etc?! Your face is always so clear and glowing.
I dont really have an issue with acne but I want my face to GLOW like yours :)
Share your secrets!!

Marci Dawn said...

I like to write things down that I have already done just so I can cross them off. 1. Get up. Uhmm check. 2. shower. cheecck. 3. go to school cheeeeccck.
def makes me feel awesome.

Kay said...


Slacking off for the lose! :l

Alexis Kaye said...

agreed. I miss you :)