I think my brain broke. I'm out of things to say. No wit or wisdom left for today. Other than the fact that I met with a research lab to interview for the position I need to get in order to graduate..no big deal. Here's how it went down:

Lab Supervisor: "So what is it that particularly interests you in our lab?"
Me: "Uh..I don't even know..what lab is this, again?"
Lab Supervisor: "Uhhm it's [such and such] lab.."
Me: "Oh right..yeah well that's cool and all, but I'm just looking to graduate in May.."

Totes think I got it. Sike. Oh, fatch.
Look on the brightside: I have a FHWB* who makes me mashed potatoes to come home to, and a dog whose rank breath can kill a cockroach. And he responds to Harry Potter commands (the dog and the FHWB).

Life is bliss, my friends.

*fake husband without benefits

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Alexis Kaye said...

1st: you're rich. Please share.
2nd: I'd say coming home to mashed potatoes is defintiely a benefit.
3rd: Are you dating homeboy or what?