In our story of riddles and poems
Every word that you speak tastes like stone
Like a melody sung by a jester
Some are stolen, some are your own
"Harder Than Easy" - Jack Savoretti

The same, the same, they're all the same: boys. I'm moving to the mountains of Utah, hiding myself under 3 layers of snowboard jackets, and becoming a mountain bum until I start to look like a man, as to prevent the further association with such a ridiculous species. Fact.

I made a pan of rice krispies for everyone yesterday. Fact.

The pan is already half gone. Fact.

Turns out I'm the only one in my house that eats sugar. Fact.


Laura Beth said...

Girl, you are the bommmb diggity. I adore your blog. I adore your realness. Can I join you on this mountain adventure? Sounds pretty appealing these days!


Anonymous said...

And women aren't all the same?

Also, men and women are the same species.

Natalie said...

Listen, sarcastic, enough of you. :P

Little Miss Paige said...

Eeee Utah is so excited to have you! It really is such a beautiful and fun place to live! Welcome welcome welcome!

Little Miss Paige