When life give you lemons, why make lemonade? In all actuality, you could fillet some fresh salmon and top it off with basil. I don't even eat salmon. But for the sake of being argumentative, it's always looked rather classy when people ring some lemon juice on a raw slice of fish.

..or make lemon bars. I change my mind. Final answer, Regis.

Snowboarding in the AM. I've been cut down to once a week; this is killing me. School will soon be taking that from me, too. Poop. This whole "responsibility" thing gets old real quick, kids..


Michelle said...

ahh i want to live in utah so bad! it's so pretty there...just ignore the cold! haa if only it were that easy :)

Connie said...

Wait... when are you moving officially?? (love this pic btw)