Some of my recent epiphanies:

-I woke up with half of my butt really sore. Like. Really sore. So I go about the first 3 hours of my day, pretty happy - thinking I was gaining some muscle tone or something. Then I realize the soreness is not muscle fatigue..but rather, a bruise from the previous day's epic snowboarding crash.

-Today I had to ask myself how old I was. And legitimately ponder it. I subtracted 1990 from 2010. For the record, I'm 20. I should probably write that on my hand every day.

-I think I have an acute onset of whiplash. From..dancing to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair".

-University of Utah's law school deadline is a month earlier than I thought it was. As in February 1st. As in I think I'll be taking a year off, living in SLC and snowboarding every day of my life. Uhh..whoooooops..sorry Dad ;)

-Eating a chicken walnut sandwich from Paradise Bakery 3 days in a row does great and blissful things to your soul. Or perhaps it's the 7 cookies I've consumed in those 3 days. Either way. Do it big, yeah?

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Connie said...

oooo paradise bakery! I haven't been in way too long.

Sorry about your bruise! ouch!