I am making some major changes in my life. We're talking signs of the times changes. Let me explain:

-I used to hate guacamole. Or so I thought. Yet tonight I finished off the bag of chip-crumbs and container of mostly-scraped green avocado gunk.

-I used to hate dogs. Well, that's a little dramatic. Dogs, in essence, were fine. It was the thought of dogs touching/licking/sniffing/sneezing on me that I hated. Yet my parents' new puppy has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. I even let it lick my face. Waaah.

-I never used to watch TV. But lately I've found myself addicted to a few tv shows..I'll refrain from listing them, in efforts to protect my ego from vain snickers of disgust ;) *cough* The Bachelor. Yes, it is stupid. Yes, Michelle is crazy. Yes, I still find myself addicted to all the fake drama. Sue me.

-I always used to look both ways before crossing the street. Oh, don't worry. I almost got ran over by an old man on a Vespa this morning. A freaking Vespa. Try explaining that to your friends in heaven.

-I once knew how to get my homework done well-before the deadlines. Oh wait, no I didn't..looks like I really haven't changed that much, after all.


Casey said...

I'm so addicted to the Bachelor, it's the first season I have seen. and Michelle is totally crazy. I think I like it because for two hours I pretty much check out from all the stress in my life. It's nice.

Alexis Kaye said...

haha, I LOVE everything about this list! you so fun-ney!