It's 2am. I have a 12 page paper outline I should be writing, seeing as it's due tomorrow. However, I just finished dancing around my room jumping on my bed to some Pretty Lights. I also just devoured a cupcake. It was blue and green with those flamboyantly obnoxious "happy birthday" plastic-toothpick-bubble-sign-things (very eloquent, Nat) sticking out of the top. So now my mouth is stained bright green, with traces of evidence dyed on my fingers, as well. In a nutshell, I basically just described a 6 year old. And I'm turning 21 (in 22 days!). Kaysweet.

Time for cupcake number two (in my defense, I only eat the frosting..plus I'm trying to write a paper brief that doesn't put me to sleep).

[Also, anyone up for a photo-venture on Wednesday in the snow? Just a few hours of fun. I need some fun.]


Anonymous said...

Okay, for the record: you are such a phoney. I know you well. You are not jumping on your bed, or staining your mouth green. You are trying to create yourself. You think you just walked out of an Anthropologie catalog. Get a life. You're a spoiled rich girl, with no perspective.

Natalie said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Know me so well as to comment anonymously, eh? Name please my dear friend?

Spoiled rich girl? Duuude I'm broke-flat-broke. I pay bills. I drive a car that stops on the middle of the freeway because it's broken.

But you knew that..because you know me so well ;)

As to jumping on the bed and eating cupcakes..we obviously aren't friends. Because if we were there's a 87% chance we've done that together before. Bwaha. Kbye.