It's official. I'm in love.
I don't know his name, but he works at Pizzamart. Here's the story.

Before going to the temple today, I met my friend at Pizzamart. We ate lunch and decided we wanted ice cream. It's 50 cents..smokin' deal. Anywho. We walked up to the counter and I noticed a strapping young lad who was ready to take our order. Two cones, thanks. Dollar given, cones received. After taking 25 minutes to devour the soft-served goodness (and telling my friend how cute the ice cream boy was), we departed. I bid Mr. Cone Man a sad 'adeiu' of what I thought would be the first and last time I'd ever see him. I giggled as I walked out and looked back to catch his stare. Ba-da-bing.

Alas..there are no sad stories allowed on this blog. So of course it gets better.

I met with two friends to go shoot some pictures in the faraway land of Gilbert. Whilst driving home, friend number 1 decided she was hungry. Friend number 1 decided she wanted Pizzamart. This meant I was going back! Wait..Natalie..that's super embarrassing..you were just there 4 hours prior. So yes, I return to Pizzamart and Mr. Cone Man was there! After an awkward exchange of eye-contact, he uttered a "Weren't you just here? ..And you changed outfits. Are you stalking me? You are stalking me. Stalker.".


Laugh it off, Nat. Play it cool.

Natalie: "Uhm..what..?"

Yep. That's the best I could do. We took about 6 minutes to order because we talked to Mr. Cone Man for awhile (I think at this point we learned his name..I don't remember what it was; I guess I suck with the whole 'picking up on details' thing). I said I didn't want anything to eat, seeing as I was just there 4 hours before (Sarah and I did WORK on a medium pizza. Devoured that thing in under 8 minutes..). He said he was giving us three plates so I could change my mind (insert swooning sigh here..so chivalrous <--gag). We sat down, he and I awkwardly continued to exchange eye-glances, and I pretended to be oblivious to the fact that he was so attractively manhandling the cash register. Friend 1 wanted ranch, so I said I'd go get it. Mr. Cone Man: *pushing dollar back* "It's on me." Natalie: "Heyy-oh, big spender. Think you can handle that 27 cents?" Mr. Cone Man: *smile*

Yeah that's right. I got free ranch.

..and called fat when I ordered another ice cream cone (in my defense, I hadn't eaten in 4 hours). So good for chivalry.

As I walked past the register on the way out:
Mr. Cone Man: "So uh..how many more times can I expect to see you stalking me today?"
Natalie: "Two *wink*"

I should have left my number on a napkin. Looks like I'll be going back on Friday to take care of some unfinished business ;)


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Keep us updated!

Kate said...

That's pretty much precious. I need some of your moxie. Please pass some along to me. Is it in the icecream? 50 cent icecream, side of moxie? Now THAT'S a deal.

Heidi said...

Baha I love you! And pizza mart! My next door neighbors own it.. I can hook you up. :)

Natalie said...

OMG. Hahahha!

Diana Smith said...

What a cute post! that picture is pretty!

Erika Brooke said...

I hope your relationship escalates to the facebook level and then your little pizza hunk inevitably stumbles upon the link to your blog and reads this. Ba-da-bing!

Connie said...

lol! Oh good times... that was always fun back in my day. Flirting, cute "grocery store boy" or "library boy" or.."kyle" (although I was never as smooth as you sound)... nor could I ever bring myself to wink because I knew it would wind up looking more like a weird twitch)

Summer said...

Back in my day, the ice cream cones were only 25 cents..imagine how great that deal was!!

Kay Oshin said...

Awww omg! i wanna see a picture.