Today I did nothing. Not the type of nothing that involves lounging around in the same outfit you slept in, fostering feelings of worthlessness. The kind of nothing that is much-needed, that allows you the perfect euphoric break from every day's chaos. I went to institute bright and early, bounced on over to the temple for a little bit, and treated myself to a new dress at the mall. Then I proceeded to lay in bed (in my new dress) and watch television shows, do homework, drink lemonade, draw pictures, and talk on the phone.

I have real responsibilities, I swear.

Speaking of real responsibilities, I've been booking senior portraits like crazy!! Hurry and book now if you want some. $100 for 90 minutes with yours truly, and 20-30 edited images for you to have on disc. If you aren't a senior and just want to get dolled up for some pictures, that's perfectly alright, as well :) Contact me via email: Natalie.Wall@asu.edu

Welp. Off to spend my next two days snowboarding***. Season's coming to an end much too quickly. Limited days left. Boo. Time for bed.

***Like I said..real responsibilities ;)

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Connie said...

Those kind of days are so needed! I think i need retail therapy today(;