Photo thanks to Chris Novellino.

When I think about my life I get so overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation. I am moving to Park City. I am spending an entire season snowboarding..which doesn't involve jumping in a car at the butt-crack of dawn once a week to drive 2.5 hours to a snowy hill and driving home that evening. Sometimes I ask myself what I did right to deserve such wonderful opportunities. I still haven't found the answer. All I know is that life is good to me.

I am so very blessed and I love it.

Something that made me laugh from this morning:

My facebook status:
The lady in front of me at the dollar store today bought 5 pregnancy tests. I'm not so sure that's the type of answer Id let rest on a measly $5 investment..

Garrett's reply:
For the same accuracy she could of just peed on her finger, held it up in the air- a north breeze is a boy, south is a girl... And a east and west breeze would be a definite STD.

You people make my life amazing. Thank you.

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