I'm kind of addicted to my new iPhone.

I definitely just puncture-wounded my calf thanks to the fact that as I crawled into my bed I was met by a metal fork. I guess that's what happens when you make pillow forts and eat cupcakes in bed..you leave some things behind. Just so happened that mine was a four-pronged weapon. Mercy.

Photography giveaway here.


Alexa Mae said...

It's evil isn't it? The iPhone addiction? Welcome to the iPhone world. Get Heytell and walkie talkie me...heyyy ohhh!! Miss you. Let's play. Stat. Loves!

p.s. I honestly wish I could eat cupcakes in bed and not have to suffer the consequences. You got poked on behalf of all women like me over the world...lol. jk

Eeny said...

Hello... my name is Eeny and I am an iPhone addict as well =)

I never thought I would use it like crazy when I first got mine.

Connie said...

And Hi, my name is Connie and I'm add...ad...addicted to mine too... my...i.. phone. THERE! Phew. I miss youuuuu nat! You are so lucky you can eat so many and only get jabbed... at least they aren't going to your thighs like me(;

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