Things that make my heart smile:
- Hearing there is fresh pow in the forecast for our local mountain's closing weekend.
- Going to the bar as a 21 year-old and simply ordering a Shirley Temple.
- Playing dress-up with my best friend then having a photoshoot in the desert.
- Dancing to Lady GaGa in the middle of the street while it's raining.
- Renaming happy hour at a local bar "Vampire Happy Hour" because it starts at 10pm.
- The sound of the velcro on my new Nike's.
- My iPhone <--I have a crush on this thing. Lust-central, I say.
- Being able to listen to The Arcade Fire's Pandora station in the car.
-This song.
-This song, also.
- Having an app on my phone that updates me on the Sprinkles' Cupcake secret daily words and flavors. Saywhaa?!
- Compliments from strangers.
- The bag of Reeses' Eggs laying an arm's reach away from my pillow. Whoa, obese. Whoops..
- The fact that I'm going to Utah again. In one week. Ohyeah, about that.. :)

What makes your heart happy?


Alexa Mae said...

I just love that you are happy all the time. Seriously. Fo realz. There is an app for EVERYTHING!! That why when someone...sayy...says they have a flat tire, I would say "Let me get my iPhone, I bet there's an app to fix that." There probably is.
And why are you not an olympic snowboarder already? You go snowboarding more than anyone I know. I love that about you. You are not wasting one second of your life. As always, be safe tho. And don't do anything that I wouldn't do. So basically, you have to stay on the bunny hill. ;)

Casey said...

Did you get the 16 or 32 Iphone. I just got the droid 2 global and I'm not loving it, it sucks up the battery like crazy and after 30 minutes of use it dies. So I'm going in to get either the droid x or the iphone and I just can't decide!

Things that make my heart happy?
*laying in bed at night with the window open listening to the rain.

*sorting and purging stuff in my apartment for when we move.

*while I am cleaning I find pieces of my sister all over. I've opened some journals she has given me to start writing my book, and there will be a card stuck in the front, or a random note she wrote on the edge of random pages.

*the fact that one of my dogs will spin in circles for like 2 minutes straight if I ask if she wants a cookie.

Heidi said...

I need need need that app!

I also need you to bring that moustache on a stick when I pay you to take pretty pictures of me.

And don't shoot me for saying this, but I've never had a Shirley Temple. And don't even know what that is. FAIL.

Laura Beth said...

I love my iphone! What apps do you have? Whatever you do, get pocketbooth. I love it!

Also, where are both of your boots from? I want a pair SUPER bad. Hook a lady up


Thanks! :)

Love Cami. said...

when i heard the forecast i thought of you. enjoy it love. ps. LOVE this picy.