My week in an iPhone photostrip. I'm tellin' ya.

1) Curled my hair. And wore a fedora. Because I'm lyke suchh a hipsterrrr. Just kidding. I eat animals (dead ones, of course). And use aerosol hairspray.
2) Instead of paying attention in my last three-hour lecture before my final for abnormal childhood development (!!!!!!!!!) I made a to-do list, coupled with random doodles to pass the time. You know, since I already got yelled at for playing Words With Friends (play me: Nat Uh Lee).
3) Took another snowboard trip, of course. Had to drive on over to California for some snow; blasted sun is forcing me to venture to further proximity. Just move me to Utah, already..

Final finals week. Whoa. Minus the two classes I need to take in the summer (and one is just a boring research credit), I'm almost done with college. Just a 5 week long summer online course is standing between me and a worthless (and expensive) piece of diplommapaper.

..oh you know, then I sell my soul to law school for 3 more years. Graduating just to do it all over again. And people seriously ask me why I'm taking a year off?! C'mon..


Alexis Kaye said...

haha will you write my to do lists? If mine looked like that I might actually do the stuff. If I could write like that I'd probably just write my to do lists and then be too busy to actually getting around to the stuff.

Anonymous said...

nearness in place, time, order, occurrence, or relation.

Further: more distant or remote; farther: The map shows it to be further than I thought.

"further proximity" = ?

Natalie said...

I'm just one big paradox. Deal with it?

Connie said...

I love that Nat-uh-lee doodle! You should scan it and make it your header!

Courtney B said...

You're freakin' gorgeous!
I wish I could pull off the fedora look.
Are you moving to northern Utah? You'll be missing the Arizona heat..I promise you. I just experienced my first real winter in northern Utah and it has been quite the shocker..to say the least. (It snowed all day friday.. I miss the southern heat)