It's 5am and I'm tucking myself in for the night, er, morning. There's something about finals week that - call me crazy - I love. Let me rephrase that; there's something about finals week that drives me to the brink of self-inflicted insanity and thus causes me to laugh in a mad, sleep-deprived hysteria at myself..which I love looking back at, or in this case blogging about.

Case in point number 1:
Tuesday I had a paper due (that ended up being 12 pages in length). I've known about this paper for the entire semester. Come Monday, have I started? Uhmdumbquestion, no. So what do I find myself doing Monday night at approximately 8pm? Jumping on a trampoline 40 minutes north of where I live, eating nachos & mint brownies, playing the piano, and reminiscing on high school memories. So I finally get home. Think I started my paper before midnight:forty-five? No. Of course I had to watch an episode of 24, take a legit bubble bath (sans rubber ducky), and dance around my room to some Britney Spears. Priorities, likewhoa. Alas, I find myself complaining at 4am when I'm writing a paper and should have been sleeping. Comical.

Case in point number 2:
Today (Friday) I had a test, 2 discussion boards, and a quiz due. So what did I do lastnight? Anything but that. Until 1am, logically. And again, I find myself complaining that it's 5am and I'm still awake.

So somehow, I manage to be laying here in bed, eating a bite-size snickers (after having brushed my teeth..thanks a lot, Easter Bunny) and blogging whilst simultaneously telling myself jokes that I actually think are funny. So I'm laughing at myself. And failing miserably at writing complete and coherent sentences. Perhaps abusing the commas and semi-colons. Splice; splice, splice, splice. Have I ever mentioned that it takes me at least 3 tries to correctly spell similtaneously..simeltanously..simultaneously..? Natalie Wall, epic fail *facepalm*.

Bonne nuit.

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Connie said...

hahahahaha! You are the best. I was totally picturing your night- trampoline, 24, nachos, hhaha! I love you.