2011 Prom Photoshoot

Well, looks like I'm stuck here this summer. I know I should be grateful to live in a state whose only real "natural disaster" is third degree foot burns when walking with naked feet on asphalt. I know I should take advantage of the cancerous sun rays and disease-infected lakes and urine-tainted swimming pools..but it just doesn't feel like home to me. I'm in love with the snow. I like scarves. And I like slipping on ice as I'm walking to my car..oh waaaaaait. But in all seriousness, I am so bored with brown landscaping and cactus thorns in my shoes. I'm ready for rainclouds and real seasons. Call me crazy. I'm sure I'll be eating these words come law school and lack of daily snowboarding. Then and only then do I preemptively excuse complaining about the weather ;) See..I've covered my bases.


Kate said...

I feel like we all reserve the right to complain about the temperature/climate of the place we currently live, even if we once longed for it. ;) I really missed the Colorado winter (similar to Utah, I'd imagine) while in Spain this year, but when I'm home I complain about driving on ice and freezing for months.

Sorry you're stuck a while longer. But soon enough you & Utah shall be reunited, I'm sure!

Jeffrey said...

Yeah, Colorado and Utah seasons are nigh unto identical. I for one, wish the rain would become less frequent, warmer, and that the sun would bless me with his presence as is to be expected this time of year! in the end, I see that we all turn out to be complainers wherever we are. the grass is always greener..... nat, i'm sorry yours is brown or non existant :D

Jesus Freak said...

I most say I love your pictures!