Well, I'm almost officially graduated. That means I would have technically "walked" this week if I felt like forking out $80 to do so; I have a 6 week-long summer research position left to fulfill before that diplomma is MINE. But I'm pretty much a bachelor in Psychology<--the science based one, not the "arts" based one ;) Tehe. Alas. I figured I'd take this week to reminisce on a few notable awkward/funny/embarrassing moments in my college career (the whopping 3 years that it was).

-Moment number one-
It's freshman year. I'm a newbie at the whole "college" thing. Bills? Oh crap, what are those? Work? Oh this should be fun. Wait, mom..dad..I have to pay for GAS now?! Oh no need to worry; I just discovered this hip new site called Craigslist. It can't be hard to find a job when there's a whole list of jobs, categorized by job type. I remember noticing there were lots of jobs with the word "dance" in the category. $600 a weekend to dance?! Well that's right up my ally..seeing as I spent 30+ hours a week dancing. So I forwarded out some generic email without reading the description to just about every ad I saw. Next morning I wake up with an inbox full of replies. Turns out the "dancers" they were looking for involved no clothes, poles, and bus parties. Naive Natalie. *Faceplam*. Well that was awkward..and no, I won't send you a full body picture with my age/height/weight/bra size. Yaaa perrrrrv.



Connie said...

Wait.. there are pervs online? Get out of town! LOL This is hilarious. That's why I love youuu

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

hey I have a B.A... rude to knock it!

Hilarious story.

Whitney said...

BAHAHAHA!!! I just peed a little. Christy's Cabaret is just down the street from me. Do you want me to see if they are hiring. You know its fine dining, right?