Dear Potential Future Home,
You are adorable. I've always wanted to live in a colored house. Yet alone, a house with its own rose garden. However, I kind of hate you. You have me merely tampering with the thought of living in *gasp* Provo. Also known as Brovo. Also known as Poovo (I got reprimanded by calling it this..whoops). You're 66 minutes from the ski lifts. Your available room is also an ugly shade of green. I'm not sure I have enough Nomis posters to cover that (however I wouldn't mind getting some more of Simon Chamberlain to stare at). Ugh. Can't you relocate your quiant little self to Sugarhouse? You'd fit perfectly.
Love, Potential Resident

PS. Anyone in Utah looking for a roomate? Preferably NOT in the Provo/Brovo/Poovo area.

DISCLAIMER: I'm really not that big of a P-town hater, I just plan on selling my soul to Provo for three years when I start grad school. And I'm lyke-kind-of-addicted-to-the-mountain-yeah?


A. Verzello said...

I love that house! I passed it every day on my way to school last year. If you are looking in SLC, check out the Avenues. Basically, don't live south of 2100 South. But Provo is way more fun (more young single LDS), and it's still close to Sundance and Park City :)

Randee said...

I'm looking for a roomie but it has to be in the Ptown area .... yellow house is cute though

kate said...

i remember visiting my sister/friends in provo for the first time and seeing that house and wanting to live in it. and then i ended up moving into the condos on 7th and 2nd (just down the street). a girl a really did not like lived in that house though. i hope she's moved now. because she was a witch. :]