Natalie in a nutshell:
21. Latter-Day Saint. Lover of snow, best friend to a Canon 7d, cupcake connoisseur.

Random Facts:
My biggest fear is the Pillsbury cinnamon roll can that you have to unpeel until it explodes. I still can't turn the lights off at night until my feet are safely tucked under my blanket. It's hard for me to stay on topic in the form of coherent sentences. My clock ticks really loud and I've broken in thrice due to angry half-asleep rages which resulted in it being thrown against the wall. Whoops. I really enjoy math and statistics and will do both for wholesome recreational activities when I get bored. Sometimes I mistake my scriptures for a coloring book.

Vanilla. Salt Lake City. CS5. Sticky Notes. TOMS. 85mm f/1.8. OneBallJay. Adele. iPhone 4.

The Beatles. My (VW) beetle. Pandora commercials. Extruded bases. When people like their own statii on fbook.

Your turn..ready, set, go!


Heidi said...

gahhh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's unfavorite is the Beatles...So sick of people harping on me for not liking them. We win.

Claire Tripeny said...

um how do you do this photo thang? amazing

favorites: friendship, riding in truck beds, knomeing, sending surprise things in the mail, science

unfavorites: an amazing meal that I want to eat but finding out it's so spicy that looking at it burns my nose, people who cut lines, unannounced rain on the mountain.

King-West said...

Harrison In a Nutshell:
The Galss is half full = )

Random Facts:
I like the cold side of the pillow
I sing beatifully in the shower
I detail cars for a profession
If a piece of candy doesn't have anything stuck to it, I'll eat it
I wear my watch on the inside of my wrist
If one shoe is wet, I'll jump in puddles to make it even
I only step on the cracks in sidewalks when I feel really rebellious

G2 Pens .38 black

my ears going cold
flat billed hats (Sorry)
When your halfway in between a sneeze
an empty fridge