There are many things in life that are "good", in the sense that they "aren't bad". With that said, as we seek to obtain total and impartial consecration of our lives, said "good" things may be what hold us back - not because they push us away from the Savior, but simply because they don't bring us unto Him.

Just a thought. Mostly for myself. Have a happy day; life is yours for the taking.

Today's Playlist (links provided):
Je Suis le Vent - Working for a Nuclear Free City
20 Years - The Civil Wars
It's About Time - Barcelona
Sabali (Miike Snow Remix) - Amadou & Miriam
Lights - Ellie Goulding


Stephanie said...

your shirt is amazing! where did you get it?

Anonymous said...

Road trips and Je Suis le Vent. DUN. :)

Connie said...

I love what you've written here. Probably my favorite post ever ever. So beautiful. And that head on your shoulders... you're brilliant. And right. (:

Love and miss youuuuu!