[what I do when I can't sleep at 2:30am]

M.A.S.H : Mansion/Apartment/Shack/House.

According to the best game of MASH I ever played, which took place on an airplane ride to New York City in 2002, I will be marrying my 6th grade boyfriend, living in a Mansion, driving a Mercedes, having 3 kids, a dog, 4 ponies (I'll fashion them horns so I can call them unicorns), my husband will be a brain surgeon racking in a whopping $4.5 million per year, driving a beat up mini-van (you win some, you lose some), and we'll live in California.

I can't remember where we'll honeymoon, but I mean, our gross-income net worth is legit, so if it was one of those lame places (like the local circus) we'll just use our dividend air miles and fly to Paris for the month. No big deal.

Life on paper is super awesome.


Connie said...

i love your doodles! And I eat cinnamon life every morning!

My game of mash didn't really pan out but I like this better (:

Alexis Kaye said...

haha how in the world do you still remember that game? And no MASH i played ever told me about my pets, honeymoon, and where we'd live. you are too legit