I get in fights with pizza Lunchables.
I spend 15 minutes looking for a bottle opener, only to realize it's a twist-off.
I still avoid stepping on cracks in the pavement.
I prefer odd integers over even ones.
It's hard for me to count by 4's.
I pretend I can taste a difference in the red M&M's.
I have an addiction to semi-colons. Haha; but srsly.
I sabotage good songs by listening to them on repeat until I can't stand them anymore.
If you give me a lump of play-dough and distract me via conversation I'll subconsciously sculpt an elephant..happens every time.
I am an advocate for the addition of the narwhal to animal cracker shapes.
I have a testimony of running barefoot in the forest.


I'm at it again: messing up my sleep patterns with 5pm naps, dozing off on the couch watching television. Television. What a foreign word; I now remember why I gave that up. What a waste of time. Alas, it is now 5am and I'm sitting in the dark (eh, well the sun is starting to peek through my window) talking to myself. I should be sleeping. Oh wait, I did that at 5pm. Mehh. Time to take the longboard for a spin to the kitchen. I'm craving some eggs; and I could easily justify an omelet in about..32 minutes. I'd be mildly tempted into a morning jog if my knee weren't wrecked. Rawrr.

Tell me something. Anything.


Madi said...

Sometimes when a song is playing on my laptop and it's just too good to press pause,
I bring the whole laptop with me into the bathroom so I don't have to part with it for the whole 30 seconds I am actually in there.

haha love the playdough elephant.
made me laugh.

Natalie said...


Jill said...

My go-to playdough animal is a snail.

I got a good talking to from my first college english class teacher about using the semi-colon too much. To that I say ;;;;.

What song has been on repeat lately?

Natalie said...

@Jill, this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rGvq3cdJkk

Britney Jean said...

i miss my best friend.

Britney Jean said...

p.s.--when you left me that voice mail stating that i haven't changed my message since you met me...i about died.

you don't even wanna know how many times i've tried to change it. i just hate my voice and i always sound like an idiot. so i might as well sound like the SAME idiot, right? aha.

brooke: said...

hahaha same here with the laptop thing. I need to have my music with me anywhere i go. umm lets see. I have such vivid dreams that it really is, in real life, hard for me to distinguish them from real like. My brain is way too active for its own good.

{ mr and mrs jp } said...

ok i will: you're adorable. that's all.

Auntie Em said...

not sure how i stumbled across your blog but I enjoy it and now stalk... I mean follow you. :) no worries, I'm far far away in Logan, UT with 2 kids and a husband to keep track of... you're probably safe. ;)