[shot by the incredibly talented Nick Sorensen]

The rate at which people enter and exit my life needs a calculated mathematical formula. I can't keep up with my own baggage, yet alone tote it around and act like it's making way to some vacation destination. As of now, I'm walking in circles on the side of the road with my thumb pointed up, waiting for a ride.

Maybe I'll get lucky and my Hogwarts acceptance letter will arrive. Owl, I'm still waiting for you.


Claudia said...

I was supposed to have sent you a text letting you know that I loved the softness in the new photos you updated to FB, but since I got distracted...this is as good a place as any.

Seriously, I love.

On a semi-related but also semi-creepy note: I'm kinda bummed we didn't get the chance to really know each other in the past... I think really amazing adventures would be in the works.

Natalie said...

Thanks! They were taken by the wonderful Nick Sorensen (http://thisisnick.com). He is fabulous.

We need to get one more amazing adventure in before I leave!

Connie said...

A. the most beautiful thing about this picture is you.
2. that dress is the cutest thing besides you.
and D. you are more than welcome to share where you scored that little number. I would pick one up in a heart beat if it means I can attempt to look as cute as you!

Meredith Sledge said...

That is a GORGEOUS picture!!!!