[Taken by Mr. Nick Sorensen]

Natalie's terribly-awesome always-never good driving habits:
1) Zig-zagging between the bumps that divide the lanes without running over them with my tires (try it, it's addicting..).
2) Unknowingly driving 95 in a 65mph zone when a good song comes on and my heart starts to race.
3) Instantly rolling all car windows down upon first sight of a raindrop.
4) Almost knowingly swerving into the car next to me because I'm too preoccupied with nailing the drum pattern of my favorite part of the song on my steering wheel.
5) Falling asleep.
6) Words With Friends (Okay, this was back when I was an addict. I've banned myself from WWF while driving..).
7) Getting caught dancing at the stoplight by the car next to me.
8) Running into guardrails when the roads are icy..yeah, don't let me drive in adverse conditions; I'm from AZ.


A. Verzello said...

Glad you're at least abstaining from WWF while driving; it sounds like you have plenty of other things to distract you on the road. No accidents, please!

Connie said...

hahaha OK so I totally try avoiding those bumps. I don't zig zag per se but when I change lanes that's the game I play! Haha!