10 more days left in Arizona.

9 more weeks until my Caribbean getaway.

8 things on tomorrow's "to-do" list.

7 more months until I turn 22. Yuck.

6 graphite pencils in bed with me right now (all of which are in dire need of a sharpener).

5 more hours until I have to be awake.

4 o'clock in the morning.

3 songs on looped repeat.

2 months until law school applications are due. Again. Blehhhhhhhhh.

1 person on my mind.

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Connie said...

OOh is it a boy!? :p I love this picture. And... i can't believe you are moving so fast! Caribbean!?!? SOOOOOO JEALOUS! I've been talking to Tony about wanting to do something like that.. I think watching the bachelorette really made me want it more lol