Officially living in Utah. Officially loving life. Officially feeling like I fit in with the world around me.

Today I got locked in a dressing room. Like..straight STUCK. Awkward:

*knocks* "Yeah, I'm in the dressing room..and I can't get out.."

Just kidding. I was too embarrassed/laughing way too hard, so it really went down like this:

*calls best friend* "Hey come in the dressing room.."
"Okay where are you?"
"2nd one from the end on skiiers..er..shoppers right"
"Okay come out"
"..I CAN'T! That's why I called you..GET ME OUT OF HEREEEE!!"
*to worker lady* "She's stuck in there.."
Worker lady: "What?! *failed attempt at opening door* BACK UP! I'm busting this thing down!!! *kicks open door*"

HAHAH I'm laughing just reiterating this. Facepalm.


That camera girl said...

pahah that was fantastic! My friend got stuck in a dress in a locker room, and we had to break down the door and break her out of the dress. hahaha

krb.anonymously. said...

so i guess i didnt fit, and your claustrophobicness has you cornered.. ? b ah just bust it down and get some lunch.