Reasons why I want it to be Autumn:
-I won't have to see as many girls wearing shorts so short their pockets hang out.
-I can wear bright yarn-knitted mittens that don't remotely match my outfit.
-Hot chocolate tastes better when it isn't 90 degrees outside.
-Fall --> Winter --> Snow --> Snowboarding
-I like seeing my breath at night when I go on walks.
-Snuggies are all of a sudden acceptable.
-I live in a place with trees, which means leaves, which means COLORS!!
-I like love post-Halloween candy sales. The day after Halloween is right up there with Christmas on my list of favorite holidays..I'm tellin' ya.


Kari said...

Without leaving a comment that is longer than War and Peace, I will tell you that I agree with every single line of this post. [Well, I haven't been snowboarding *gasp* but I want to learn, and you can't learn without snow.]
Also, your blog is adorable.

Zoƫ B. said...

Except, in Autumn girls wear leggings under skirts that are so short their buttcheeks hang out. So it's kind of win some, lose some [breakfast, that is].

Kristi Kleisler said...

Always wearing yous Toms! Miss Ya!!!

J.lee Hansen said...

Natalie, awesome blog. Where are you attending Law School?

Natalie said...

@J.lee Hansen Thank you, miss! Planning on BYU for Fall 2012 :)

Taylor said...

Umm, thank you! Those shorts with the pockets hanging out. When did that become a thing???

Anonymous said...

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