This is the extent of my productivity. When you move to a new place for the sole reason of snowboarding and lack snow (for only a couple more months*) life tends to get rather lax. So we color, we drink (non-alchy) Sangria, we dance to m83 and we photoshoot in our adorable condo. You know..since we have nothing else to do.

So far we've:
-Made 3 friends in Provo (I hate Provo).
-Decided we're moving to SLC
-Had one room repainted because it was uglier than my dog's butt
-Broke a hole in our balcony from dancing on it too hard (srsly..wtf?)
-Decided to save up for a fish named Dave
-Burned out 3 lightbulbs
-Caught a pan on fire making lunch (that's other-Nat's fault..I'm not taking credit for that!)
-Longboarded down the complex's stairs
-Tried to ride UP them, as well (fail)
-Managed to keep grocery shopping relatively healthy

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Connie said...

hahaha! I love it. I love your hair too!