So I have this neat job. I work 8 days a month, manage to pay my bills and throw a handful more moniez into savings. It's neat. With that said, I have 20-something days of free time. I mean, seeing as I moved up here to board, it's the ideal situation..once there's snow. However, lack of snow equates to lack of having much of anything to do. A friend suggested I make a bucket list. So here's what I call my pre-season bucket list. If you care to partake in the accomplishing of any/all of these, know you're invited. There's a good chance that if you're bored I'm probably not working and trying to cross some of these off.

-Fly a kite
-Paint a picture
-Write a pen pal
-Go on a picnic
-Learn a new song on the piano (suggestions??)
-Eat mini marshmallows under the stars whilst finding new constellations with my sweet iPhone app :)
-Do a temple session at Manti
-Start/finish a new book, which is only allowed to be read outdoors (in hopes of getting me outside the confines of my condo)
-Thrift a pair shoes (I've thrifted all kinds of clothes..never shoes)
-Make a necklace out of fruit loops (I don't know why..because I hate Fruit Loops..)
-Pour chocolate milk into my cereal bowl
-Learn how to tail stall not die on a skateboard
-Send Erika a piece of Natalie-Wall-art (or unart, however you decide to look at it)
-Bake cookies for a stranger
-Give a homeless man pb&j
-Roadtrip outside the bounds of UT (companions and destinations appreciated)
-Use the word "insidious" six times in one day
-Type a letter on a typewriter
-Sew something (a hole in pants, perhaps? lawlzz)
-Throw a bottled-letter into the ocean Salt Lake
-Create a Utah Mixxxxtape (want a copy?)
-Get law school applications in (more of a must-do, but I figured it'd be nice to cross it off of some sort of list)
-Go an entire day without talking about snowboarding <--siiike


Eeny said...

working 8 days a month sounds awesome and so does your bucket list. definitely need to write one as well with lots of fun stuff to do =)

Natalie said...

EENY!! I found your letter (I hung it on my wall) I need to write back!! Then I can cross that off my list omg perfect. Message me your address again :) I fail <3 Loveyou!!

Alexis Kaye said...

haha! I love your random sense of humor! And I want a mixtape! :) Please and Thank you!

Eeny said...

I will mail it to you...

Oh by the way... Me too! *raising my hand for the mixtape* =)

Olivia.Dee said...

i'm in the middle of a bucket list for when i'm done with school! you definitely have some great ideas!

Taylor said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And can I have your job, please, pretty please!