Hello blog.
My name is Natalie Wall, I am 10+10+1 years young, residing in beautiful Utah, and - despite your justly preconceived notions - I haven't snowboarded off a lethal cliff (yet), suffocated in cupcakes, or gotten re-abducted by the stork. I am alive. I am neglectful. And I am sorry.

I will try to be better with this. I used to be good at it. Now..I just suck. And my life is boring.

Actually, that's a fallacy. Life has manged to be more interested and exciting than ever, and it's a shame I am too lazy to document it all. Just trust me when I say it is wonderful :)


Eeny said...

Love the picture, miss natalie.

Awesome that you pop in every once in a while, kind of miss you blogging.

Even more awesome that your life is wonderful right now. That's what it is suppossed to be. Enjoy every single second of it. =)

A. Verzello said...

Hello beautiful lady. Hello Provo Canyon. Hello fall that is now pretty much winter.

Danielle and Trev said...

Oh my cute. Loving your blog!!! Following now :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! So I'm just a random follower of your blog because I just love your photography. As I was looking for jobs in Utah I came across one that I couldn't help but think of you for.


If I were better at skiing or snowboarding I would totally apply but since I'm not I figure someone like you would love it.