1. I feel guilty reclining my seat on an airplane when there's someone sitting behind me.
2. I haven't brushed my hair in over a week (I was on a cruise..not that that's an excuse..)
3. I've never seen a Star Wars movie in my life.
4. I still think the Spice Girls are radtastic.
5. Sometimes I rehearse what I'm going to say in front of the mirror before I make a phone call.
6. I listen to Spanish music so people in the car next to me think I'm bilingual. Okay, so maybe that's not why. But it sounded epic in my head.
7. I have kind of given up on this "blogging" thing.
8. My snowboard season started last Friday. Not a confession, but it's been the highlight of my month.


A. Verzello said...

Don't give up on your blog! I would miss your witty and uplifting posts. Glad you had fun fun fun in the sun this past week.

in morse code said...

completely jealous of your little trip, not gonna lie. and it's not helping when you post awesome pics like this!

ok but don't stop blogging, cause i am in love with your boarding stories, dance pictures, and everything in between. for real.

Eeny said...

oh nooo, please don't give up blogging. love your posts. i'd miss you.

Connie said...

I've been tossing with the idea to leave blogland too but there's just too many positives in it for me. The negatives sure do weigh heavily on my thoughts from time to time though. Do what you feel! As long as you are content (: Love you!!