First blogpost of the year. I think I've lost about 100 followers, too. Cheers to the whims of keeping strangers happy on the interwebs. Clearly I fail at that. However, I sinceriously (ha!) miss having blogging as an outlet for creative writing/unguided ranting, so I'm thinking I'll start checking in a bit more now. I honestly blame the demise of my updating on Instagram (*PLUG* Follow me: nataliewall). I'll just post a happy assortment of big things that have been going on around these here parts via pictures for today, because my rhetorical ability to explain things in a way pleasing to the masses is rusty.

In other words: Managed to get score 17 stitches (hottest winter accessory, didn't you know?), met the bachelor, decided to stop brushing my hair (sinceriously), learned to fly (I kid, I kid), fell in love with life in Utah, gave my heart to a fine young gentleman.


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

When I was looking, I was like, "Whoa, is that Ben?" Was he cool?

Natalie said...

Yeah he was super nice. Awkward and quiet but I only really saw/talked to him for a few seconds!

Visible Voice said...

I bet he was wishing you were heading back to the mansion to fight for his love. ;)