Ah lately I've felt deprived of creativity. My mind just stares blankly at things, probably drooling brain slime out the side of its mouth, with a dumb-founded 'wtf' look along the right cerebral cortex. I wish there was some sort of self-reset button, or therapy group for this. I just want my brain back. You know..that weird brain that hears the word "Disneyland" and immediately thinks "Blue Bayou Restaurant, bread bowl, potato soup, cheddar cheese..!". Oh wait, that's my tummy, and clearly that still works as ridiculously as usual.

Men think with their ..(fill in the blank).
Women think with Pinterest.
Natalie (apparently falling neither under that category of men nor women..?) thinks with her tummy.


Eeny said...
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Eeny said...

Totally the same over here - I have no idea where my creativity went. Maybe it is somewhere on vacation together with yours =) Hope they'll be back soon.

Christine Marie said...

WAIT, I think with my Tummy too. Granted, our tummies think a little differently, but they both still think for us. One of the reasons why we're friends? Umyes.

Christine Marie said...

Also, do you like how I capitalized the word "Tummy" in that last comment? Okay, so I think of my Tummy as a real person. We talk to each other. Whatevs. #freudianslip

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!