[Photo by Cory Devenney]

Last time we chatted I was hiding from the Big Bad Law School behind the facade of a snowbum.  Well, once and for all I ditched the ole' dreams of being an upper east-side litigator and fell into place with something much more Natalie-suited:
 *drum roll please*

Masters' in Mathematical Statistics.

Okay. How much geekier can I get when I say that I AM SO EXCITED *snort*.  I have to retake Calculus I, II, and III.  That whole fiasco starts in January.  Which leaves me balancing 4 jobs, 7 hours of aerial training a week (Wait, what? I decided I want to join the circus, nbd..), snowboarding, and school.

Having been the college kid taking 21 credits, working two jobs and commuting 2.5 hours each way to snowboard twice a week (Arizona, God rest your soul..), this should be no problem.  Newsflash to Natalie: You've gotten so lazy since then. You're going to die. A beautiful, mathematical, snowy death.

Celestial kingdom, you are mine.


sarah waggoner said...

oh, i'm so happy you're blogging again. your blog was one of my favorites. i love your wittiness. welcome back. and i love the design! ;)

Natalie said...

Thank you Miss Sarah! Happy to be back :)

Eeny said...

i see you found your way back to your blog. awesome to have you back in blogworld. hope you'll stay for a while. missed you.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! welcome back!