Today I found a tree.
The tree quickly stole my heart,
because, you see, this tree was no ordinary tree.
This tree was a super tree.
So super that its branches provided the means of brief flight.
(Sidenote: I say brief because it was shortly followed by the realization that "look ma' no hands" results in flying backward off it's small wooden swing and subsequently equates to rolling down a hill. Whoops.)

Moral of the story:
Girl fell in love with tree, even after tree dispelled her.

The beginning of my hippie life.


megan danielle said...

oh my goodness that is such an amazing picture! i love it! how did you shoot it?!

Natalie said...

Rope swing, fish-eye, death defying acro skills (just kidding about the last part!).

Eeny said...

Love that picture. Awesome!

Visible Voice said...

Oh man I hope you're making a book out of these entries. Not many people I don't know get a legit laugh out loud at my computer moment from me. Just sayin'.

Morgan Brooks said...

I think this is safe to say this is the coolest picture ever and the poem with is is so precious. I just found your blog and it is seriously something special. I love every single thing you post and I look forward to seeing what you post in the future

Anonymous said...

Well, you are an amazingly beautiful girl. So, ya got that goin for u at least. Have a good one.

Erika Brooke said...

I have been so neglectful of my blog! I quickly found inspiration in yours. Time to play! Love you! <3