7 things that make me happy to be an adult:

1) I can eat white chocoloate-covered Oreos for breakfast *stuffs one into mouth as she types*

2) I don't have to sneak out to go out at 3am.  Ehh. Who am I kidding? I'm asleep by 11pm every night.

3) Bills and responsibilities and taxes and..oh wait. Wrong list.

4) I can spend my money on cool things.  Next purchase: 64 pack of Crayolas. Con crayon-sharpener.

5) I accomplished a life-long goal of finishing a Cali-B* from Molcasalsa in one sitting.  And instead of gloating about how obese I was, I could blame it on my adult-sized tummy. Euphemisms.

6) If I don't feel like matching my clothes I simply call it creative expression.

7) Dessert before dinner.  And occasionally* in lieu of.

*California Burrito
*Still can't spell occasionally correctly on the first try, after 22 years of existence. Meh.


nate and amy crandell said...

hahaha you are so funny! I'm glad I found you :)

megan danielle said...

haha love this...crayons are a great way to spend your money. and i cant spell occasionally either. oh well.

Eeny said...

love this list.
may i add a #8?!

8) still being able to be a kid if i decide to be. *which happens more often than not in my case*

yancy said...

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Erica said...

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WhatIfWeAllCared? said...

Nice list . . you've got me thinking!!

WhatIfWeAllCared? said...

Nice list . . you've got me thinking!!

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