Back to school..

I graduated college in 2011.  But as of today, I'm officially a student again.

End goal: cut people open, stitch them back up.

Well, technically that's a lie. I want to deliver babies.  But from what I hear, there's some cutting involved in that, too. Alright, too much detail..

Moving on.

For some reason this requires a few lame chemistry pre-requisites.  I am terrible at science.  Did I mention how terrible I am at science?  Because I'm pretty terrible at science.

Things learned from the 110 minutes I spent in Chemistry tonight:

1) Don't touch open flames. Duh.

2) Don't drink hydrochloric acid. Or any acid. Or anything involved in experiments, for that matter. Duh.

3) Even though we've made it to college (I guess I've made it to college twice now..) these things still need to be explained in lengthy detail. Then you have that kid in the back of the class who questions everything. "Is fire hot? Why is acid bad? But I did acid at a party last weekend and..oh..never mind, wrong acid.  Well can I drink the distilled water that's been sitting in this drawer for years? What if I'm thirsty..?"*

4) I can't pay attention to lectures because my professor has a thick Indian accent and all I can focus on is how he annunciates words like "hazardous" and "experiments".  Those x's and z's. English, you're so tricky.

5) Actually, I take back number 4.  I can't pay attention to lectures because I have the attention span of a first-grader.  The accent is merely a justification.

6) It took me 25 extra minutes to do my lab tonight because I couldn't begin until I adequately doodled the title of the experiment for my paper-heading.  Took me 4 tries before I kept the piece of paper I ended up working on.  But come-freaking-on. How do you make "graphical analysis of experimental data" look pretty? #artistproblems

7) The kid sitting behind me thought 200 was 93% of 330.  Dude, you're not even close..and I can tell you that without even consulting my TI-89.

8) It's going to be a long semester.

*made these up, but let's face it, someone was thinking it.


Eeny said...

oh how i have missed your posts.
so it is med school instead of law school?! good choice.

i am totally with you on #5 and #6. short attention span over here too and it always took me some extra time to make papers look pretty.

Ashley said...

I am so glad you are blogging. Community college joys.

Anonymous said...

it's so good to see a post from you again :)
please keep blogging even though you are in med school now

Lock Smith said...

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