5:45pm, Monday, August 26th, 2013.

Me: "I don't want to go to school..I'm so sick of school."
Boyfriend: "It's only your second day.."

That pretty much sums up my evening.

Approximately 75 minutes later, I was helplessly seated in my Biology lab.  It was here I would be humbled to the pits of next-to-nothingness.  How is it that within the first 4 minutes of class, everyone else seemed to know the answer to "who knows why plant cells are green?"  Did I miss the part where the professor explained to us that chlorophyl absorbs every color except green, and thus reflects it off of itself*?  Yeah, apparently I did.  Apparently I was supposed to remember those things from the last biology class I took.  In 9th grade.  And apparently this information is pertinent to my future in the medical field. Plants. Chlorophyl. Green.

And microscopes.  Don't get me started on microscopes.  Do you look through both ocular fields simultaneously? Open one eye, close the other? Which one do I keep open? Wait, I don't even know if one is supposed to be closed. It's not in focus. WHY IS NOTHING IN FOCUS? What am I looking at? No seriously, WHAT am I looking at?  Great, the illumination was turned up to 6; now I'm blind. *sound of my corneas sizzling*

But you want to know what I'm great at?  I'm great at keeping tally-count of how many times the professors says "k" in lecture.  How do you get certified to teach when your tally count is up to 93 in a minutes and a half. That's more than a "k" a second. What even..?

*How do I suddenly know this? Because I raised my hand like a neanderthal, and asked #wtfeveryoneistalkingabout.


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