Whistle while you work..da da da da da de dum

Okay, so I can't whistle. But I do work. And today I officially started my new job *oohhh, ahhhhh*

DC Ranch Country Club

What do I do?
I answer phones, transfer calls, take appointments, assist the catering director with events (weddings, cocktail parties, business meetings, yada yada), assist the activities director (more events..woo), assist the manager (paperwork, itineraries, contracts..the works), send out emails..

Donde esta?
It's at a private country club in Scottsdale. Hayden/Thompson Peak. It has its perks, ya knoww? :]

Big girl?
All growned up.

this is the view i get every day

I work 8:30-5 Tuesday through Saturday. I am rather depressed that my snowboarding season will be cut in a fifth. Now I am going to be a lone solider every Monday. SO if there is anyone who won't be getting all educated-like in school or wealthy-like at work, get a season pass and be my snowbunny buddy. Eh eh eh eh? :] Kayperfect.

pretty, right?


The Nye's said...

wow that is pretty! That sounds like it will be a fun job. Maybe I'll throw Deric's birthday party there.....right....

ChristineMarie said...

Wowwww. That looks so pretty. You should find out if the people who work there get to hold there wedding receptions there for free. Because. . . umm. . . well. . . yeah ;) Love you, Mrs. P!

To the lurkers:
The P is for Peacock. We play Clue a lot.